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Homunculus Productions, LLC, produces training films, industrials, PSAs, documentaries, and occasionally, fiction films. We are the homunculus that translates the world from your eyes to your... more »

David Bruce McMahan's daughter, Cristina, was born in 1970 with cerebral palsy. The experience of raising her led him to take his first serious steps into philanthropy.

The McMahan Center Abilities Activists was inspired to start a vocational training program for amputees in Cambodia after reading a May 20, 2003 article by Seth Mydans, foreign correspondent for... more »

McMahan Abilities Activists joined forces with the World Rehabilitation Fund to design and implement a peer-to-peer vocational training program following a model that was developed by the... more »

The PACE Program was designed to empower the community as a whole. Over the next four years, over four hundred villagers were trained in the program organized by Chhem Sip and implemented by three... more »