World Rehabilitation Fund

McMahan Abilities Activists joined forces with the World Rehabilitation Fund to design and implement a peer-to-peer vocational training program following a model that was developed by the International Labour Organzation, that had been successful in several communities for the villagers of Veal Thom, most of whom had been trained as soldiers and had little experience with farming. The staff at World Rehabilitation Fund, including Touj Soeurly and Chhem Sip take tea Touj Soeurly and Chhem Sip in Veal Thom Jack Victor, (current WRF President), Heather Burns-Knierim (former President of the World Rehabilitation Fund), Allyson Brown (PACE Project Coordinator) and Chhem Sip (WRF Country Representative) had already had a history of working with landmines victims in Mozambique and Sierra Leone, as well as Cambodia.

Heather Burns Knierim former President of the WRFHeather Burns Knierim is former President of the WRF.